Do you have a lung problem?

Over 35 million Americans have a chronic lung disorder. There are many symptoms that may indicate a lung disorder. Our specialists have extensive experience diagnosing all types of lung orders. Here are some of the common symptoms they see:

Diagnosing Lung & Respiratory Tract Problems

Our specialists will first conduct a general review of the patient’s medical history. They will look for hereditary diseases affecting the lungs. They will check for exposure to toxins such as tobacco smoke, asbestos, auto exhaust and coal mining fumes. They will then review the patient’s history for any autoimmune diathesis, a tendency to suffer from a particular medical condition that might predispose the patient to certain pulmonary conditions and diseases.

Our specialists then use both physical diagnostics and advanced diagnostic tools to help determine specific pulmonary conditions and diseases.

Diagnosing Breathing Disorder Problems

After conducting a general review of the patient’s medical history and performing physical diagnostics during a comprehensive examination, our physicians can turn to a wide array of leading-edge tools and techniques to pinpoint breathing problems. These include:

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