Asthma Action Plan

You and your health professional can work together to create an asthma action plan that you will put into place when you notice a change in your asthma symptoms or PEF. An asthma action plan will help you make quick decisions about treatment so that you can avoid more serious episodes and get better more quickly.

Why is an asthma action plan important?

A review of research on asthma action plans reports that plans based on personal peak expiratory flow and the use of inhaled and pill-form corticosteroids improved the outcome of episodes. If you do not follow your action plan or do not use the medications it specifies, you may have a worse or longer acute asthma episode. You may have to seek emergency care or go to the hospital.

Things to Consider 

It is important to treat acute asthma episodes quickly. If you do not improve soon after treatment for an episode, contact a health professional.

You may need to see a specialist (allergist or pulmonologist) if you have:

Other reasons to see a specialist include:

If you or a loved one suffers from asthma that is not well controlled, please contact us for a personalized asthma action plan today!